Making your home a technologically welcoming place where each device works in harmony with the others in each area of ​​your house in an intelligent way for your well-being and joy is the objective of home automation. But, how can you make your home truly a home? intelligent?

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A home automation home is one in which technology is another member of your family and makes your home function as a technologically friendly home.


The era of the smart home

Nowadays we always carry our favorite gadgets with us, we take them more and more everywhere, you have surely noticed how we fill our living spaces with all our technology, from the office and the car to our bedroom and nightstand, all our vital spaces and especially our home is increasingly connected and impregnated with technology, it is in fact an improvement and reflection of the development of our lives, for this reason, at the same time that we add members to our technological family, it becomes a challenge to maintain as something simple the orchestra of everything that should be simple.

Our home is actually our sanctuary,
but currently that sanctuary has WiFi.

To truly simplify your life at home, it is necessary that your home integrates with your technology, that is, your home is smart, it is necessary that all of this countless devices work as a team, all in unison, have you thought about how many screens? have? , Tablet, laptop, tv, smartphone and etc., what is your sound system like? Speaker, speakers, headphones... How much do you listen to music? from your phone, stereo, iPod, Where do you play your music? in your room and at the same time in other places in your home, such as the kitchen or bathroom? And how about the lighting system on the doors, charging points and etc. etc

Benefits of home automation

  • Energy savings
  • Total control of tasks, maintenance and air conditioning
  • Security, cameras and access control
  • Multimedia management at home
  • Energy optimization
  • Personalization of home environments

home automation, smarthome, automation, klibtech, smart home,

Manage your entire home from a single device

Ensure that all your digital devices integrate mutually with each other and also with the space that surrounds them, that is, all the screens are interconnected, the sound system provides sound at the same time for your entire home, the lighting and control of the lighting is intuitive, that is, all the gadgets are friendly and easy to use for all members of your home from children to grandparents, it is something similar to industrial automation

Home automation, automation, klibtech, smart homes

In industrial automation, processes and technologies are integrated to optimize production in a company. In this case, technology and its processes for the home are integrated to automate work and tasks at home, that is, household tasks are scheduled. automatically, in other words, making your home function comprehensively as an organism at different times or conditions but all its equipment and devices at the same rhythm, in a genuinely simple and harmonious way, that is the field of home automation.

A home automation home is one in which technology is another member of your family and makes your home function as a technologically friendly home.

Making your home technologically welcoming and each device working in harmony with the others for your well-being, and truly simplifying your life is the goal of KLIBTECH.

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