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Smart home control systems and automation solutions

ELAN offers smart home automation and control systems customized for you, always intuitive and responsive to the way you live. Now, with voice control and two stylish new remote controls, it's easier than ever to manage your smart home.

Explore what you can do with ELAN

ELAN's award-winning user experience sets us apart and gives you complete, easy control of your connected smart home. Take a tour of our short videos showing what you can control with ELAN.

ELAN gives you one-touch convenience for smart home control and automation.

And now, with voice control through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, it's easier than ever to connect your living room and every other room in your home into a truly smart home. Enjoy more entertainment options, simplify routine tasks, and make better use of your resources to enhance your home experience with a sophisticated yet easy-to-use ELAN home automation system. ELAN smart home solutions are completely scalable to meet your needs. So whether you're controlling a media room, your entire home, a vacation home, a restaurant, or a multi-unit residential or commercial space, there's an ELAN solution that's right for you.

The new ELAN 8 smart home interface

Your world, made simple.

Your music, movies, sports and TV are at your disposal via a sleek remote control, tablet or a convenient touchpad in any room. Your security system, climate, lights, garage door and more are all under your control from your smart devices at any location. ELAN's control and entertainment smart home system gives you this power and convenience, customized for your lifestyle.

Elegant and intuitive Smart Home Systems.

While the advanced ELAN controller is the brain of the connected home, the elegant ELAN remote control, touch panels and keypads bring smart home control to wherever you are, in any room or from anywhere in the world with its mobile device. No matter which control device you use, you'll enjoy the same intuitive interface of our smart home technology system, one that's easy to understand and easy to use for family members of all ages.

Future-proof design.

Does a newcomer make you want to add a baby camera or pool camera to your video system? Is your basement ready to be transformed into the perfect man cave? With ELAN, your system can scale as you need, making future expansions fast, cost-effective, and seamless.