Collection: Focal

Focal-JMlab is recognized as a global leader in manufacturing hi-fi solutions. This French company, based in Saint-Etienne (Loire) manufactures speakers, acoustic and in-wall speakers for home and multimedia, car audio systems, pregnant trackers and audiophile headphones. Some of our speakers and technologies have become references in the hi-fi sector.

All Focal products are designed and developed in France: they benefit from almost 40 years of innovations in acoustic technologies, exclusive and patented. We made the decision "Made in France" and quality in French, whose level of demand places the brand above its competitors. Leader in France, Focal exports almost 80% of its production, mainly in Europe, North America and Southeast Asia.

Focal merged in 2011 with Naim Audio Limited, the UK's leading high-end electronics brand. Vervent Audio Group, the group formed in 2014, generated a turnover of more than 92 million euros in 2017.