Collection: Roli

The keyboards were black and white. We add color and high definition to them.

We start with the Seaboard. That smooth, corrugated surface of pressure-sensitive silicone was the newest thing to happen to the world of keyboards since around the year 1700. That's when Bartolomeo Cristofori invented the pianoforte, which drove harpsichord players crazy by giving them a new way to play. to control the sound.

It all started with the Seaboard

The Seaboard reimagined what a keyboard could do, so much so that it surpassed the piano, just as the piano surpassed the harpsichord. The Seaboard launched a family of instruments that allow musicians to be more expressive, with a number of sounds and effects at their fingertips than they've ever had before.

These instruments, which combine digital technologies and a new approach to culturally integrated designs, seem familiar. But they are light years ahead in terms of their musical capabilities.

We create the future of music

Driving the future of musical expression requires a team of incredibly diverse talents. C++ programmers, electrical engineers, industrial designers, scientific researchers and virtuoso musicians work shoulder to shoulder, and often eat together, in our offices located in east London. With varied backgrounds, we all contribute to creating the products that are changing the way people make music. And there are many more changes to come.