Collection: Cornered Audio

Aesthetic sound for custom and commercial installation. Where the walls come together to hang out

cornered audio

With a unique 90-degree triangular design, CORNERED speakers make a discreet and elegant installation in homes and businesses. Forget about brackets and place them directly on the wall or ceiling, under balconies or, of course, in the corner. Fusion and beauty make CORNERED the perfect complement to elegant interior design, leaving your guests and clients impressed.

Leveraging over 70 years of world-class acoustic experience, our sound quality is second to none and our speakers will entertain you for years.

Easy to install
No updates

Armored speakers mount elegantly to walls and ceilings. The mounting points are an integrated part of the design, hidden discreetly behind the front cover, so there is no stand taking up space behind the speaker.

The speakers fit vertically in a corner, horizontally between the wall and ceiling, above or below your TV as a center channel, and of course behind your couch as a rear channel speaker.

If you don't want to mount the speakers on a wall, you also have the option of placing them like traditional speakers on a shelf or on a piece of furniture. And that's totally fine too. We'll let it be up to you.