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Kramer Corona Tags – Social Distance Monitoring Device

  • Minimize follow-ups in case of infection
  • Maintain individual privacy
  • Easy and cost-effective implementation and use

Corona Tag is an innovative device designed to monitor social distancing in the workplace, school or public places. Eliminates the need for a wide closure in case of infection. Based on HSL technology, Bluetooth signals measure the distance and exposure time between tags without revealing or saving personal information. The device is completely independent, does not depend on mobile phones or other connections and does not require charging.

  • Preserves individual privacy: The Bluetooth signal is used to measure only the distance to other tags. It does not pair, receive or transmit data to any other device.
  •  Secured: Data is extracted only when an authorized administrator uses a special cable and software to extract event history from the tag of a confirmed sick person.
  •  Preserves anonymity: Tags only record other tag numbers, exposure time and distance. No location, names or other private data is recorded. No GPS or SIM card needed.
  •  Short-term archive: Information is retained only for the last two weeks. No central database of encounters is maintained.
  •  Simple, low-cost implementation and use: no special infrastructure required. No user training of any kind is required.
  •  Energy efficiency: the battery charge lasts six months.

Crown Tag, Kramer


  • Corporate offices
  •  Workplaces and factories
  •  Schools and universities
  •  Government facilities


Easy. Affordable. PRIVATE.

The HSL Corona labels Kramer are a smart system that enables highly private contact monitoring to safely and effectively help your students and faculty or workforce return to campus or office.

The Corona label is designed with user privacy in mind. There is no central database of encounters or location tracking, making the user's movements private. No SIM or WiFi card is required and the tags do not contain any other information except encounters with other tags.


  • Easily customizable: multiple color options and logo options available
  • Size convenient and compact
  • Prepared for the future: part of the new normal
  • Incredibly easy to implement
  • Long duration battery
  • Flexible: Sets the distance and duration of the encounter parameters

Security and privacy protected

  • The Bluetooth radio tag is only used to measure the distance to other tags. It does not pair, receive or transmit data to any other device.
  • Tags only records other tag numbers, exposure times and distance. No locations, names or other private data.
  • Extracting data when an employee is confirmed sick requires authentication by an administrator and the use of a special cable.
  • The information is kept only for the last two weeks.

Why HSL Corona Tags?

Smartphone apps are not effective

Competing devices

The employer/schools/corporations cannot enforce the installation, use and sharing of data. Short battery life (few days). Requires charging.
Clear violations of privacy. Inaccurate measurements. Detection of false events.
Negative effect on the phone battery. Does not operate in crowded spaces.
It is not feasible for environments that do not allow mobile phones. There is a lack of a business management solution.
Inaccurate distance measurements. Too big and expensive.
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