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Companies Working to Fight Coronavirus

We are going to list the companies that are currently working to combat the COVID-19 coranavirus

NVIDIA offers its technology

Currently, the company NVIDIA, specialized in the development of graphic processing units, announced that it is making available to researchers free access to Parabricks, an analysis software capable of carrying out a complete sequence of the human genome in less than an hour; Likewise, it will provide a free 90-day license to any researcher in the global effort to combat the new coronavirus.

NVIDIA offers free access to Parabricks to combat...

GPS application that saves

Since March 7, South Korea has been using a GPS application to ensure that those infected with the virus do not leave their homes and infect more people. The idea is that if quarantined people wander away from their designated location, an alarm would notify authorities.

New technologies to combat coronavirus

NASA and its measurements

NASA has also used its technology to evaluate the effects of the coronavirus.

The unexpected beneficiary of the coronavirus: the planet | cnn

“Maps comparing NO2 concentrations showed a marked decrease between January 1 and 20, before a quarantine was imposed in Wuhan and other cities, and from February 10 to 25,” NASA reported.

Before and after pollution in northern Italy.

The European Space Agency's (ESA) Copernicus Sentinel-5P satellite revealed reductions in pollution, particularly nitrogen dioxide emissions.

It was also confirmed that there is a drastic decrease in pollution, related to the slowdown of the economy, the closure of large factories and the little mobilization of citizens.

Microsoft creates a coronavirus tracking map on Bing

Microsoft creates a coronavirus tracking map on Bing

Microsoft has just launched a new panel , which can be accessed from this link , with a map that is updated live and used to track the coronavirus outbreak worldwide. The dashboard has many similarities to other tracking maps, although it has several differences. The main one is that it is designed to be viewed with all types of mobile devices

Google offers US$800 million in coronavirus aid

Google and the US government create a platform to detect...

Google is pledging $800 million in relief funds to customers and healthcare workers, joining a list of corporations providing money and materials to address the coronavirus pandemic.

TESLA starts manufacturing respirators in its plant

Elon Musk has stated that this week he hopes to have around 1,200 units ready. In this sense, the tycoon has offered to use his technology to manufacture this type of devices for hospitals. In an exchange of messages on Twitter with journalist Nate Silver, Musk commented that “Tesla makes cars with sophisticated climate control systems. SpaceX makes spacecraft with life support systems. The respirators They are not difficult, but they cannot be produced instantly.”

Tesla: Elon Musk plays the 'idiot' with the coronavirus and then says...

And in this case it is a fight against time, since the number of patients multiplies daily and health resources do not increase at the same rate. The president of United States, Donald Trump assured yesterday that the car manufacturers Ford, General Motors and Tesla have received the authorization to produce respirators and other items needed to combat the coronavirus outbreak.

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