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Shape 40 Focal Professional Audio Monitor

Shape 40 Focal Professional Audio Monitor

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Shape 40 is the ideal answer for close proximity monitoring. Usable from a listening distance of 60 cm, these monitors surprise with the extended bass frequency. Whether it is a room less than 10 m 2 whether it is an installation, or if, on the contrary, compactness is the predominant criterion, Shape 40 is the solution.
Entirely manufactured in France, Shape monitors integrate 5 innovations that open the door to increasingly greater acoustic transparency. Designed to respond to close-range listening needs, Shape monitors combine clever design with adjustments that respond to the acoustic characteristics of small spaces.

The five innovations present in the Shape line offer remarkable acoustic transparency. These new work tools are characterized in listening by an extremely precise and simultaneously wide stereo image. The bass register combines articulation and maintenance. The low-mid and mid frequencies enjoy great neutrality, without a mask effect on the whole, which greatly facilitates the equalization of these always critical registers. Finally, the completely new tweeter is at the origin of very high definition and formidable precision in the very high frequencies.

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• Most compact studio monitor in the Focal Professional line

• Perfect solution for near field monitoring.

• They can be used from 23" away (60 cm) and have amazingly extended low-end frequency response.

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