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2334 / 2487S Insteon Keypad White

2334 / 2487S Insteon Keypad White

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Insteon Wall Keypads

The multi-button, multi-scene, multi-controller.



Each Insteon keypad is a powerful combination of wall switch and remote control. Replace your existing switch with the power to control devices throughout your home.


On/off or dimming

Depending on your lighting fixtures and electrical charging needs, choose a keyboard that dims or doesn't, and make sure either can handle what you throw at them.


6 or 8 buttons

Insteon keyboards come in 6- and 8-button configurations, allowing you to control at least 5 or 8 devices.


The scenes

Specifically designed to support easy activation of Insteon scenes throughout your home, our wall keypads are great for giving you one-button control of your entire home.

Multiple devices in one.

An Insteon wall keypad is a unique combination of wall switch and multi-button remote control. When you replace your existing wall switch with an Insteon keypad, you maintain control of your light fixture while simultaneously adding remote control of other Insteon devices.


Wall switch replacement

On and off buttons replace your original wall switch. Touching them controls the lights as you would expect. On the dimmer keypad, pressing and holding brightens and dims the lights.


Multi-button remote control

Four or seven scene buttons give you convenient control of other Insteon devices, whether individual devices like an LED bulb or wall switch, or entire groups of devices like every lighting fixture in your living room.


Remote control from your smartphone.

With the Insteon Hub , your wall keyboard takes on new life. It's never been easier to configure your keyboard for a wide variety of scenes. And best of all, you are presented with a virtual keyboard for the remote control, allowing you to control the keyboard exactly as if you were standing in front of it.


As if you were there

Tap on a keyboard from the Insteon app and you'll see a virtual replica, retaining your custom button labels and all.


The scenes

Insteon keyboards are used with scenes and the Insteon Hub makes the process painless. Tap a keyboard button on your smartphone and watch the action happen. Use the Insteon Hub to create and configure your scenes, too.


Set up

Add grace and elegance to your lighting, but customize your ramp level and keypad level. You can set a custom default brightness with On Level and specify a dim duration with Ramp Rate.



Does your keypad control your exterior lights? Why not put it on a schedule to turn on and off with the path of the sun? With the insteon concentrator , you can set daily schedules for Insteon keyboards.

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