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AM-200 Sion Audio Mixer Amplifier - Commercial

AM-200 Sion Audio Mixer Amplifier - Commercial

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The multi-input Mixer Amplifiers have bass and treble tone control, independent volume control and Master control. Inputs: Mic XLR, Aux RCA, EMC for Evacuation. Output: 4 Ohms 100V/70V and Booster. Each one has automatic cooling when they reach 55 ℃, as well as protections against overload, temperature, clipping and short circuit. Adjustable priority for Mic 1 with front level control. LEDs indicating operation, saturation and audio levels. Also USB and SD playback. Remote control and rack mounting fins.



Model AM-200 Audio Mixer Amplifier
Watts RMS 20W RMS
Speaker Outputs 70V, 100V & 4~16Ω
Tones Bass: 10dB, Treble: 10dB
Frequency response 50Hz~16KHz (+1dB, -3dB)
Automatic cooling Automatic when the temperature reaches 55℃
Protection Against overload, temperature, clipping and short circuit
Dimensions 360 x 274 x 66mm
Weight 3.56kg
Energy consumption 40W
Finished Panel: aluminum plate, Box: steel plate,


Amplifier / Mixer. 20W RMS tone control, adjustable priority, microphone inputs Mic1 combo jack XLR/TS, and Phamton, Mic2 Jack TS, RCA line, Aux Tel Phoenix, Booster RCA outputs, 100/70V and 4 Ohm transformer. Full protection against high temperature, short circuit and overload.

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