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ASM61301 Speakercraft OG3 Surface Speaker - Audio

ASM61301 Speakercraft OG3 Surface Speaker - Audio

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Modeled after a standard outdoor light fixture, the OG can be placed almost anywhere in the landscape. Its sharp tip allows the aluminum housing to simply be pushed into the ground and directed to the listening area. Plug in the appropriate speaker cable and you're done. The finish is easy to paint, so a can of Krylon® is all that is needed to customize the speaker for any environment. A Sub Rox is recommended to complete the system and provide bass support for the 3-inch aluminum drivers.


Length 11.1 (inches)
Broad 9.7 (inches)
Height 4.6 (inches)
Weight 2.5 (Lbs)
Impedance 8 (ohms)
Power management 20 (watts)
Sensitivity 88 (dB)
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