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Cinergy 300 Hi-Fi Wall Speaker Monitor Audio - Unit

Cinergy 300 Hi-Fi Wall Speaker Monitor Audio - Unit

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THX Certified THX® Certified Ultra System Format 3-Way Sensitivity (2.83 Vrms @ 1 M) 90 dB Maximum Linear SPL**** (@1 m, headroom) Continuous 109 dB, Peak 122 dB Power Handling ( RMS) Continuous 350 W, Peak* 1400 W Nominal impedance 4 ohms Minimum impedance (20 Hz - 20 kHz) 3.8 ohms Recommended low frequency crossover frequency 40 - 80 Hz (high pass) Recommended amperage requirements (RMS) 200 - 1400 W (IA750-2 or IA750-4 ) Bass Alignment Ported** Port Tuning Frequency 38 Hz** LF Extension, in-wall, with port plugs (-6 dB) 42 Hz LF Extension, in headroom, no port plugs (-6 dB) 42 Hz HF Extension (-6 dB) >30 kHz Drive Unit Plug-in 2 x 8" RDT Drivers 2 x 2.5" C-CAM Drivers 1 x MPD
Transducer External Dimensions (Cabinet Only (HxWxD)) 1080 x 300 x 240 mm
(421/2 x 1113/16 x 97/16") External dimensions (including grille) (H x W x D) 1080 x 300 x 253.6 mm
(421/2 x 1113/16 x 10") Maximum external dimensions (includes all accessories) (H x W x D) 1132 x 438 x 253.6
mm (449/16 x 171/4 x 10") Weight 40.4 kg (88 lb 14 oz) Conditions * Calculated from a peak voltage, this is not an actual power
figure but useful for comparisons. **When used on wall or on wall.
configuration, it is recommended to use the installed port plugs to control
bass output. This will effectively turn the product into a sealed box. *** Band
limited with low pass at 200 Hz, should only be used with IA800-2C and the
correct speaker profile. ****Tested with a music-like noise signal with
Distortion and power compression remain below audible limits. THX THX® certified speakers. THX® and the THX® logo are property
from THX® Ltd., registered in the USA and other countries.

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