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CM5EH Apart Waterproof Wall Speaker - Commercial Audio

CM5EH Apart Waterproof Wall Speaker - Commercial Audio

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The CM5EH is a new moisture-resistant version of the popular CM5E in-wall speaker and is suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, cold cells or other damp areas. In principle, this product is quite similar to the Apart CM5E, except for the cone and grid material. The new version of CM5EH has a plastic grille whose perspective will surprise you.

Most moisture-resistant speakers are a bit awkward looking, but the CM5EH has the same sleek design as the other Apart in-ceiling speakers. This means the speaker has greater optical integration and will maintain consistency across buildings.


external diameter 187mm depth 45mm
pull apart 163mm installation grip range 1 - 35mm
speaker system double cone woofer size 5.25 inches
woofer cone material coated paper mounting system 2 tweezers
100V Transformer Power Transformers 6 - 3 watts impedance 8 ohms
low impedance dynamic power 30 watts low impedance RMS power 15 watts
SPL 1W/1m 89 dB max SPL 1m 96 dB
frequent response 100 - 18KHz main construction material ABS plastic
grill main material the plastic IP Rating 54
applicable low impedance No applicable at 100V Yeah
Nearest RAL color (subject to deviations) RAL9003 Product net weight 0.47kg


The speaker is very easy to install, due to the simple mounting system with 2 hidden spring-loaded clamps. You just need to open the clamps with your hands, carefully slide the speaker into place, and release the clamps while placing the speaker in the center of the cutout. This simple way of installation requires no tools and saves the installer precious time!

The CM5EH is a modern and highly competitive built-in speaker, featuring a 100-volt speaker line transformer and an 8-ohm direct connection, allowing you to connect up to 2 speakers in parallel per 4-channel stable amplifier. For 100 volt use, the CM5EH is equipped with a high quality 3/6 watt 100 volt transformer.

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