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CM6TSMF Apart Double Cone Ceiling Speaker - Commercial Audio

CM6TSMF Apart Double Cone Ceiling Speaker - Commercial Audio

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The CM6TSMF is a 6.5" in-ceiling speaker with an all-metal speaker grill, back can and mounting dog ears. This speaker has been designed with safety in mind for 100 volt applications, resulting in a speaker modern and very competitively priced ceiling mount with a metal security dome.Easy to integrate into high quality background music and paging systems, the CM6TSMF offers a sound stage, unheard of in this price range.

It is the ideal speaker for background music and the distribution of spoken messages. CM6TSMF has a very good speech intelligibility factor and surprisingly wide dispersion at typical speech frequencies, making it the number one choice for vocal announcements, evacuation systems...


external diameter 205mm depth 120mm
pull apart 182mm installation grip range 1 - 30mm
speaker system double cone woofer size 6.5 inches
woofer cone material coated paper mounting system 3 screws
100V Transformer Power Transformers 6 - 3 - 1.5 watts SPL 1W/1m 94 dB
max SPL 1m 101 dB frequent response 90 - 19KHz
main construction material steel grill main material steel
IP Rating 60 applicable low impedance No
applicable at 100V Yeah Horizontal dispersion angle 1000 Hz 180°
Vertical dispersion angle 1000 Hz 180° Nearest RAL color (subject to deviations) RAL9003
Product net weight 1.50kg


Thanks to the rear part of the speaker, an ideal and constant sound is guaranteed. In perforated ceilings, you will not have an acoustic short circuit when installing CM6TSMF as the rear speaker can prevents this from happening. Another advantage of the back can is that people working or living upstairs will not hear the music being played.

Possible applications for CM6TSMF could be hallways, boutiques and shops, boardrooms and offices, emergency and evacuation systems.

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