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Global Caché

Flex-IP-US Global Cache Itach Flex Ip - Automation

Flex-IP-US Global Cache Itach Flex Ip - Automation

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The iTach Flex provides powerful, affordable and simple connectivity to almost any electrical device so it can be controlled and automated via an app on a smartphone, tablet or any other user interface. Historically, automation and control products have been complex and expensive, used almost exclusively by the very wealthy. That changes with the easy availability of control apps in the iTunes Store and Android Marketplace, and the ability to connect almost any device in the home to a WiFi or wired network using the iTach Flex.

  • Connects almost any electrical device to a wired Ethernet network, instantly.
  • Access, monitor, automation, control and standalone equipment.
  • Built in IR learning commands and access to the cloud IR database.
  • Based on web control protocol using HTTP.
  • Four conductor global port allows for greater versatility using flex connection cables.

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  • Power input: 5V DC (90 to 230V wall power adapter included).
  • IR Learning – 20 to 200 KHz – Downloadable iLearn software allows capture and playback of IR commands from control uses.
  • Network connection: DHCP and static IP - standard RJ45 Ethernet connector (100/10 Mbits Ethernet protocol).
  • Global Port – 4-conductor connection (TRRS: tip, ring, ring, sleeve) allows for versatility through the use of global cache flexible link cables.
  • Flex Link Cables – Supports IR outputs, IR blaster, triple IR and Serial port
  • IR Output: 20 to 500 KHz, 3.5mm jack - compatible with Global Blade IR, IR Emitter, Triple IR Port or GC-CGX for Xantech compatibility.
  • Mounting Base – Allows for simple installation in any location. Screw on the mounting base and the Flex unit can be clicked in and out as needed.
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