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Global Caché

Flex-WF-US Global Cache Itach Flex Wifi - Automation

Flex-WF-US Global Cache Itach Flex Wifi - Automation

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This revolutionary device is ideal for controlling an entertainment system, window screens or blinds, lighting, sprinklers, a hot tub, and much more.

An incredibly small and powerful smart end-point that enables virtually any electronic device to be controllable, enabled to be accessed, monitored, and automated within a wireless network as well as controlled through a third-party mobile application and interface, such as a tablet or smartphone , as well as any type of personal computer. This multifunction, smart device can adjust its functionality based on the type of cable used.



  • Connects almost any electrical device to a wired Ethernet network, instantly.
  • Access, monitor, automation, control and standalone equipment.
  • Built in IR learning commands and access to the cloud IR database.
  • Based on web control protocol using HTTP.
  • Four conductor global port allows for greater versatility using flex connection cables.
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