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G1 Elan System Controller - Automation

G1 Elan System Controller - Automation

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The g1 breaks new ground by providing a rich on-screen display (OSD) interface, a sleek handheld remote control, and everything you need to integrate with third-party solutions.

Automation starts here

The ELAN g1 where all things automation begin. The g1 is a capable performer that provides the flexibility needed on virtually any project.

The perfect home theater controller

Not surprisingly, the g1 breaks new ground by providing a rich on-screen display (OSD) interface, a sleek handheld remote control, and the various parts needed to make it work with third-party products. Where a universal remote control would only provide access to media and perhaps lighting, the g1 enables intelligent integration of systems that provide real value. The g1 reduces installation cost by being simple to program and including everything you need in the box. For smaller to moderate installations, the g1 provides a single point of control for media, climate, lighting, security, cameras and irrigation systems. Bringing together the best third-party systems like Lutron and AprilAire in limited quantities, as well as unlimited quantities of ELAN and Core Brands products, while offering the best user experience available today.

The g1 provides the full g! user experience and accommodates all standard g! interfaces including ELAN's award-winning HR2 handheld remote control, wall-mount touch panels and keypads, as well as iOS, Android, PC and Mac interfaces

When the g1 is used as an extender for a gSC series system controller, it creates a very economical way to add additional control connections and the g! User experience to another area. For maximum flexibility, the g1 includes Wi-Fi for use where you don't have a convenient cable route, or can be added to a Power over Ethernet (PoE) network to receive power and data connections, reducing clutter of wiring.

Using the same programming interface as the gSC series system controllers, the g1 continues ELAN's 25+ year tradition of innovative products that integrators prefer to install by providing the leverage needed to install moderate to luxurious systems without creating the need for specialized programming knowledge.


  • Extensive IR Library
  • Compact design 
  • Unique device to control a home theater or media room
  • Compatible with other ELAN g controllers and interfaces!
  • Sensory input for more robust automation
  • Serial Port
  • USB-A connector
  • Ethernet RJ-45
  • PoE
  • WiFi Radio
  • HDMI connector


RS-232 Series Connector (1) 3.5 mm (stereo)
ELAN Sense Connector (1) 3.5 mm (stereo)
IR input (1) 3.5mm Jack (Stereo) 12V DC
IR output (3) 3.5mm Jack (Mono) 12V DC
Audio (1) 3.5mm Jack (Stereo)
On screen display (1) HDMI female connector
USB (1) USB-A connector
ethernet (1) RJ-45 PoE compatible
Power (1) Type-A coaxial - 2.5 mm inner diameter

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