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GC-100-12 Global Cache Network Adapter - Automation

GC-100-12 Global Cache Network Adapter - Automation

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The Global Cache GC-100-12 Home Network Adapter connects diverse and previously disconnected devices and devices in a network-based home.

Using many commonly needed controls and sensor inputs in a single box, the GC-100 provides an easy way to control real-world devices, reducing the time and complexity of an installation by eliminating hooked-up components and multiple power supplies. .

The GC-100 network adapter connects a TCP/IP network to infrared (IR), serial and relay communications, including sensor inputs, which can operate, interrupt, or be interrogated by another network device.



  • Connects IR contact closures, Sony Control-S, RS232 series, sensors and relay to a network.
  • Available in 3 sizes and a rack mount version for unmatched flexibility.
  • 10 Base-T network port.
  • Very small footprint.
  • Only one power supply is required for each cabinet.
  • Built-in web server for easy configuration using a browser.

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