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Global Caché

GC-IRE Global Cache IR Extender - Automation

GC-IRE Global Cache IR Extender - Automation

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For the first time, an IR device, such as a remote control, can be used as an input device to control equipment throughout the home. For example, by pressing a button on your bedroom remote control, you can adjust the lighting, adjust the temperature of your home, and reduce shadows.

It extends infrared capability by converting IR signals to digital data, which can then be read from any PC or RS232 serial port. The GC-IRE is designed to be used with various IR input devices to capture IR commands that can be recorded, played back, and used to initiate actions on a network.



The GC-IRE is compatible with the following infrared receivers and input devices:

  • GC-RG1 is an IR receiver capable of capturing IR frequencies from 30KHz to 72KHz
  • GC-CXG connects a Xantech IR environment directly to the GC-IRE. An IR output from a Xantech distribution block is used as the GC-IRE input
  • GC-CGX connects a Global Caché (GC-100 or iTach) IR output to a Xantech distribution box IR input

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