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gSC2 Elan System Controller 2 Ports - Automation

gSC2 Elan System Controller 2 Ports - Automation

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Integration systems evolve and ELAN keeps pace. The new gSC2 is the product of this evolution. Featuring a faster CPU, more memory, updated I/O and connectivity. The gSC2 is positioned to be the reference controller for small to medium range projects.

g! has been migrated to a completely new Linux platform and the gSC2 is specifically designed to optimize it. Programming is faster and the end user enjoys faster connections, faster response to commands and instant reaction to requests.


  • 2 RS-232 serial connections
  • 2 ELAN sensors
  • 4 IR emitters
  • 2 dry contact relays
  • Compatible with all g drivers!
  • PoE
  • Wi-Fi with external antenna
  • Third-party remote control support


RS-232 port (2) RJ-45
ELAN Sense Connectors (2) 3.5mm (stereo)
IR output (4) 3.5mm Connectors (Mono) - 12V DC
Relays (2) 2-position screw terminals: 24 VAC or DC, 1 Amp maximum
Wifi 802.11b/g/n
USB (1) USB 2.0 - 5V, 1 amp.
ethernet (1) RJ-45 Ethernet port (PoE)
Power Coaxial type A - 2.5 mm dia. Inside
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