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App development for IViewer - Automation

App development for IViewer - Automation

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GUI Type

Using our guiDesigner Software , the entire user interface can be customized to a pixel-precise level using a simple drag and drop process.

Portrait and landscape

Supports independent portrait and landscape orientations to display different controls when rotating the mobile device. The interface can also be easily locked to a single orientation if necessary.

Supported objects

Build your interface with a variety of GUI objects, such as buttons, indicators, sliders, dynamic or static images, video sequences, embedded web pages, dynamic scrolling lists, text labels, and input fields.

Transitions and sounds

Easily apply transitions to your page volts or subpages, such as fades, reveals, etc. All with customizable timing and ease. Support for playing audio files through events.


Gesture engine to take full advantage of the multi-touch capabilities of mobile devices. Including multiple finger taps, swipes, pinch/zoom and rotation gestures with customizable actions.

iViewer supports all Ethernet communication methods including TCP Client/Server, UDP Unicast/Multicast/Broadcast, HTTP/HTTPS.

Simultaneous control

Simultaneously control unlimited Ethernet devices directly from your mobile device, no other hardware required. Expand your control to other transports such as IR (infrared), RS232 (serial), and relay (contact closure) by using control system hardware, such as our own products , or third-party hardware.

Open platform

iViewer works with any Ethernet controllable hardware on the market. Directly control network addressable AV equipment such as AV receivers and televisions, or integrate with any control system hardware available today to provide a fully customizable control interface. iViewer can be used in a wide range of scenarios, not just automation systems. Remote control vehicles, digital signage, controlling media players – these are just a few of the uses our customers have created.

Highly configurable

Granular control over communication socket properties, including heartbeat, startup events and queue, means you can be confident that iViewer is capable of integrating with your systems.

Macros and actions

Easily create multi-command macros with customizable per-command delays, ideal for activity start and close events. Assign advanced actions at the button level, including cycling action groups, press and hold delays, separate press and release events, and more. Even the most unique actions are covered in iViewer.

Remote debugging

iViewer includes a built-in remote debugging tool to display the status of system connections, incoming data logs, GUI object states, etc. All of this is done through a web browser ( Chrome or Safari ) connected to the mobile device running iViewer.

iViewer features a powerful feedback processing engine that allows you to capture data from any Ethernet device and process it for display.

Regular expressions

With the power of regular expressions, iViewer can easily capture data from any device no matter what data format it uses for communication. iViewer uses regular expression capture groups to capture the specific data you are interested in displaying.

Information screen

After capturing data feedback from the external system, iViewer can format the data and display it in various ways, including simple text labels, button states, indicator levels, and even creating dynamic scrolling lists of data.

Loop communications

By using loopback communications, iViewer can leverage the feedback processing engine locally on the mobile device for user interactions. This is a great feature for creating engaging demo projects with local interaction events to simulate live system control for customer demos.

No programming experience required

Although iViewer offers a powerful JavaScript API , most features can be obtained without touching a line of code. guiDesigner provides easy-to-follow dialogs to create logic-driven interfaces without the code.

Use the power of JavaScript to add more advanced logic scripts to your project. The extensive JavaScript programming interface allows you to control every aspect of the user interface and network communications.

Writing communications

Communications with external systems can be handled using advanced features, including automated discovery and publishing of services through Bonjour (zeroconf).

Advanced feedback processing

Use the powerful string manipulation features built into the JavaScript language to process even the most complex device protocols.

Modular scripts

Reuse modular scripts for common device integration or commonly used data processing routines. Easily share these scripts with other iViewer users.

Sensor data and hardware interaction

Collect data from built-in sensors like GPS, accelerometer and gyroscope to perform scripted actions. Control screen brightness or take actions from hardware events such as battery charge status changes and volume button presses.


Use JavaScript to manipulate GUI objects and create advanced animations such as moving objects on the screen, adjusting the size and opacity of objects, even 3D rotations on the x/y/z axis.

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