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IZA 2120-LZ Bose Audio Mixer Amplifier, Commercial Promotion

IZA 2120-LZ Bose Audio Mixer Amplifier, Commercial Promotion

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For background/foreground music and location applications, the BoseĀ® FreeSpaceĀ® IZA 2120-LZ integrated zone amplifier elevates the audio experience when using FreeSpaceĀ® speakers.Ā Optimized for commercial applications, FreeSpace IZA amplifiers feature a selectable speaker equalizer to enrich audio quality, Opti-voiceĀ® paging for clear speech intelligibility while providing smooth transitions, and a dynamic equalizer that ensures complete and balanced music at any volume level.


Opti-voiceĀ® pagingĀ equalizes vocal frequency range for clear speech intelligibility while providing seamless transitions

Dynamic EQĀ guarantees full and balanced music at any volume level

Independent speaker equalizer per outputĀ enriches audio quality and simplifies connection to BoseĀ® speakers: FreeSpaceĀ® 3 systems, FS3 subwoofer, DS 16, DS 40 and DS 100

TheĀ optionĀ remoteĀ for volume/source selection eliminates the need for bulky, inefficient, and sound-disrupting inline volume controls

Dual remote controlsĀ Support optional volume/source selection for independent or combined zone control, eliminating the need for bulky, inefficient and sound-disrupting 70/100V in-line volume controls

Connectivity ready for expansionĀ with FreeSpace ZA amplifiers to drive additional zones

Reliable 2 x 120W Class D amplificationĀ optimized for low impedance applications

Intuitive feature setupĀ allows the amplifier to be configured without a PC for output options, remote control, paging, auxiliary input/output and auto standby

The automatic standby function allows youĀ allows the amplifier to consume less power when not in use

The simplified front panel interfaceĀ provides end users with tone, source selection and master volume controls, as well as a connection to mobile sources via a 3.5mm jack

Remote mutingĀ It allowsĀ muteĀ the amplifier through a centralized control system


  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Hospitality venues
  • Conference centers
  • Schools
  • Auxiliary zones


Frequency response
20 Hz - 20 kHz (+0 / ā€“3 dB, at 1 W reference 1 kHz)

Amplifier power
2 x 120W @ 4Ī©, 2 x 60W @ 8Ī©

ā‰¤ 0.5% (at rated power)

Dynamic range
88 dB

Built-in speakers EQ
Bose FreeSpaceĀ® 3 systems, FS3, DS 16, DS 40 and DS 100 subwoofer

Input channels
Line inputs: 2 unbalanced, 2 balancedĀ 
Input page: 1 balanced mic/lineĀ 
Auxiliary input: 1 unbalanced line

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