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Logitech Camera Conference MEETUP - Video Conference

Logitech Camera Conference MEETUP - Video Conference

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All-in-one conference camera with ultra-wide angle lens for small rooms


with full duplex and advanced beamforming

Aligning voice and video with the front of the room is just the first step to achieving natural conversations. RightSound technologies They include a beamforming microphone array that captures speech, automatically levels higher and lower voices, and suppresses noise.


Computer vision

With RightSight computer vision, MeetUp automatically adjusts camera position and zoom to locate and frame people in the room. Unlike voice tracking systems that jump from person to person, RightSight frames everyone in the conversation for a more comfortable, collaborative experience.


Mounted on the screen like a sound bar, MeetUp takes the hands-free system off the table and reduces cable clutter, maximizing usable space.

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