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PT-206T Sion Ceiling Speaker - Commercial Audio promotion

PT-206T Sion Ceiling Speaker - Commercial Audio promotion

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Optimal radiation systems for ceilings. Also ideal for installations on concrete slabs using acoustic boxes, acquiring an improvement in the frequency response for the low band.

Ceiling speakers finished in ABS with a metal decorative grille with an adhesion system for excellent firmness of the mesh, it also has a special fixing mechanism avoiding visible screws.



Model PT 206T
Taps @100V 2.5W,5W,10W,20W
Taps @70V 1.25W, 2.5W, 5W, 10W
Impedance Black: Com /5 00Ω/ 1KΩ/ 2KΩ/ 4KΩ
Max. SPL (nominal W/1M)
Frequency response (-10dB) 70-20KHz
Finished Grille: Steel
Driver Size 6.5" x 1 1.5" x 1
Cutout size 208mm
Dimensions 235 x 107mm
Weight 1.3Kg
Mounting type Flush Mount with Ears


10W ceiling speaker, 6" line transformer with tap for 1.25W, 2.5W, 5W, 10W, 208mm ABS ring with fixing system and decorative grille. White color.

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