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Versatile delivery robot

Versatile delivery robot

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Multiple service modes

food delivery

With its secure storage and superior housings, it can be easily used as a robotic waiter.


You can interact with both customers and staff, leading to a more unique and immersive experience.


It has an efficient cruise mode, allowing you to follow a set route for as long as required.

another delivery

The 35kg load capacity not only delivers food, it can deliver everything you need to get from A to B.


It can act as a robotic receptionist, guiding customers to incoming destinations.


Make a customer's experience even more special - let them wish them a happy birthday!

Automatic loading

Automatic loading

Automatically provides voice alert and UI notification when the battery is low. Without manual intervention, can go to the charging pile to refuel when the battery level is lower than the set threshold.

Versatile storage

vdoor in

Automatic doors can open and close to keep your deliveries safe and robust, but the option to eliminate them entirely is available for businesses that want to maximize robot-to-customer interaction instead.

Pager function

Mission in 1 call

Admit the Pager and Link call function . With a simple click, you can receive and perform any mission given to you, making it incredibly convenient for the user to assign and manage tasks.

Obstacle Avoidance

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It is designed to work in busy, dynamic environments with courtesy and efficiency. Supported by rear sensors, precise human detection and an environmental perception algorithm , it is capable of giving way to people initiatively. When a human is detected, it will decide to move sideways or backwards, then continue its work.

Projection interaction

Type C / 4G / LORA / Wi-fi compatible

Super efficient

Safe and secure

Wide applicability

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