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Fast Delivery Robot

Fast Delivery Robot

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Newly upgraded delivery robot , inherits excellent features and functions from its predecessors. performs intelligent deliveries in all scenarios , greater scalability , adaptability and reliability.

Distribution Mode

Birthday Mode

Cruise Mode

Plate Return Mode

Automatic loading,
Always Preparing

Supports automatic recharging without manual intervention

Autonomous and Flexible Calls and Notifications

Supports Watch and App Calling, assign and manage tasks simply with a single click


Point-to-point and high-frequency delivery. Improve workflow between the warehouse, production floor and quality control department.

Hospital and Clinic

Contactless delivery that prevents cross-contamination and reduces risks of exposure to doctors

Entertainment and Leisure

Provide differentiated service, respond to demand quickly, reduce duplicate tasks and increase efficiency

  • Robot dimension


  • Tray size


  • No. of trays

    Default 3
    Maximum 7

  • Robot weight


  • Load capacityMax.


  • Battery duration

    10 ~ 24 hours

  • Loading time

    3 hours

  • Route clearance


  • cruising speed


  • Charging method

    Cable and automatic charging

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