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RR-15APS-1-SW Wireless Switch 15A RadioRa 2 - Lutron

RR-15APS-1-SW Wireless Switch 15A RadioRa 2 - Lutron

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RadioRA 2 RF plug-in modules are easy to install and use. RF plug-in modules allow floor and table lamps ( RR-3PD-1 ) as well as general-purpose switching loads ( RR-15APS-1 ) to be added to a system quickly and made easy using Clear Connect RF technology. They can be hidden behind furniture or appliances. The RadioRA 2 Dimming Module (RR-3PD-1) works much like standard lamp dimmers, but also incorporates advanced features such as Fade On/Off, Long Fade Off, and Quick Full On. The RadioRA 2 device module (RR-15APS-1) switches up to 15 A of general purpose loads. Features Lutron's patented Softswitch technology to prevent relay contacts from arcing, extending the average life of the switch.

RR-15APS-1-XX* 1

/2 HP or 15 A General Purpose Plug-In Appliance Module (1 receptacle)

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