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SPH16 Apart Two-Way Hanging Sphere Ceiling Speaker - Commercial Audio

SPH16 Apart Two-Way Hanging Sphere Ceiling Speaker - Commercial Audio

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The Apart SPH16 is a two-way 100-volt hanging sphere speaker with very clear sound reproduction. These speakers allow high and wide sound dispersion to be produced with a minimum number of speakers. SPH16 is the most cost-effective solution for background music or voice in facilities with high ceilings where you need to cover an expansive area (warehouses, supermarkets, industrial buildings...).

This two-way speaker gives you natural music and high speech (announcement) intelligibility. They allow you to make a very competitive price offer, because using fewer speakers also has an impact on the power needed from your amplifier and the cost of installing them.


speaker system double meaning woofer size 5.25 inches
woofer cone material paper tweeter size 1 inch
mounting system ceiling socket 100V Transformer Power Transformers 16 - 8 - 4 watts
impedance (ohms) 8 low impedance dynamic power 25 watts
low impedance RMS power 16 watts SPL 1W/1m 88 dB
max SPL 1m 102 dB frequent response 80 - 20KHz
main construction material ABS plastic grill main material ABS plastic
IP Rating 53 Vertical dispersion angle 1000 Hz 180°
Nearest RAL color (subject to deviations) RAL9003 Product net weight (kg) 1.70


SPH16 has an ABS plastic housing, a 5.25" coated paper cone woofer and a 1" tweeter. This speaker has multiple power sockets (16 - 8 - 4 watts from 100 volt transformer) and has an IP53 rating making it weather and UV proof. A 4.5m cable with a safety cable inside is included.

SPH16 speakers can be painted in any color.

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