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SZC-6212 Sion Audio Zone Selector - Special Equipment

SZC-6212 Sion Audio Zone Selector - Special Equipment

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Digital Zone Selectors

These devices offer the possibility of subdividing a zone that is managed by a single amplifier into 10 subzones, which we can activate or deactivate digitally from graphic control software. This equipment is ideal for venues that have many areas with few speakers such as schools or universities, buildings, hospitals, etc.



Model SZC-6212 Audio Zone Selector
Tickets MIC1.2:600Ω ,5mV, unbalanced Line1.2:10KΩ ,775mV, unbalanced
Departures 80 dB
Frequency Response MIC:100Hz~15KHz; Line: 30Hz~18KHz
Indicators Power LED, 10 Search CH LEDs
Communication Input RJ45 / RS422 Protocol
Dimensions 484 x 303 x 88mm
Weight 4.6Kg
Energy consumption 40W
Finished Panel: aluminum plate, Box: steel plate


Public address selector by zones Receives 10 channels as a source. Manual, remote and console control (ER-212 SION). Led operation indicators, supports up to 5000W, configurable with other selectors and expandable up to 300 zones. Maintains memory of the last configuration. Zone selector for music, public address and EMC. CAT 5 cabling system. Rack mounting fins. 2RU.

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