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Native Instruments

Traktor Kontrol S8 Native Instruments DJ Controller

Traktor Kontrol S8 Native Instruments DJ Controller

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  • Cutting-edge DJ controller, ready-to-use decks, Stems and standalone mixer functionality
  • Stunning high-resolution displays that respond to touch controls
  • Integrates seamlessly with the included TRAKTOR PRO 3 software


Discover a new way to mix and perform with TRAKTOR KONTROL S8: a standalone 4-channel mixer, a professional audio interface and enhanced Stem-ready decks; All of this gives you ultimate control over the included TRAKTOR PRO 3 software. Touch controls and spectacular screens offer a work process never seen before.


TRAKTOR KONTROL S8 is designed to mix seamlessly with Stems, the open multi-channel audio format for creative DJing. A Stem file contains a track divided into four musical elements: for example, bass, drums, vocals, and melody. 

Transition between different elements stem by stem, rather than using global volume and EQ settings for an entire song. Or apply effects only to a specific stem. And to unleash your creativity, swap elements between different decks: take the vocals from one song and mix them with the rhythm of another.


Feel the music in your fingers. Touch-sensitive wheels, faders, and LED-lit touch strips bring TRAKTOR software to life on two stunning color displays. You can focus on your performance, not staring at your laptop. The touch and visual operation of the S8 allows you to connect directly with your music and your audience.


Two high-resolution color screens put all TRAKTOR software right before your eyes. You can see the browser, track information, effects, and filter values. Keep an eye on the waveform of the playing track, displayed in stunning detail. Or conveniently access Remix Decks and Stem Decks.


Edit your tracks more precisely in real time and create your personal sound with ultra-fast controls for managing your Remix Decks. Intuitively mix different sounds with the 4+4 channel live faders. You can even capture your own samples and loops live, and launch them using the 16 color-illuminated trigger buttons. 

Your style. Your sound. More powerful sessions than ever.


Connect whatever you need for your performances: TRAKTOR KONTROL S8 boasts the most connectivity ever seen in a DJ controller. The integrated 4-channel mixer uses special heavy-duty faders that are more durable than ever. 
Plus, you have TRAKTOR mode buttons on each channel of the mixer to switch between TRAKTOR mode and standalone mode – perfect for when you hand over the baton to the next DJ of the night.


TRAKTOR KONTROL S8 is designed to seamlessly control TRAKTOR PRO 3*, the DJ software of choice for countless professionals around the world. Control your music in detail with up to four virtual turntables, Stems support, a customizable interface, timecoded materials, and advanced management of your music library.


TRAKTOR KONTROL S8 seamlessly integrates hardware and software, enabling more powerful sessions for the most demanding DJs. 

The touch and visual operation of the S8 brings the world's most used DJ software to life in your own hands and before your eyes.

Access transport controls and cue points, launch loops, and control Remix and Stem Decks from the device itself. Thanks to direct integration with TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2 you don't have to map or assign controls.


A new way to mix. TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO's Effects, Remix Decks, Stem Decks and track browsing functions come to life on two color screens that respond to touch controls. Two large touch strips are used to perform actions such as changing the pitch, moving through a track or simulating the vinyl scratch effect. 

Sixteen color-illuminated trigger buttons transform decks into powerful live controls. Trigger cells from a Remix Set, cut and change the arrangement in Freeze mode, tweak your loops or improvise using hotcues. And everything perfectly visible and within reach.


This is not your typical mixing interface. TRAKTOR mode buttons on each channel of the mixer allow you to switch between TRAKTOR mode and standalone mode to use a wide range of analog and digital equipment. It is perfect for use with TRAKTOR SCRATCH and for switching between different settings without interruption. 

The S8's 4-channel mixer section employs new heavy-duty faders. Hidden from view, crossed carbon strips prevent wear caused by dirt and radically extend the useful life of the faders.


The S8 offers more connectivity than any other TRAKTOR controller. With the four analog inputs with vinyl and microphone preamps you can connect turntables, CD players or any other equipment. XLR and RCA master outputs, and ¼-inch cab output: Connect your TRAKTOR KONTROL S8 to any sound system you can find. 

Integrated 24-bit and 48 kHz audio device, with crystal-clear sound and enough output power for the most demanding situations. MIDI In and Out connectors let you sync TRAKTOR with synthesizers, drum modules, MASCHINE or external effects.
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