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XTATM265 Sunfire Atmos Subwoofer Speaker - Audio

XTATM265 Sunfire Atmos Subwoofer Speaker - Audio

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Sunfire XTATM265


With 1400 watts and a cabinet just 8" inches tall , Atmos can provide enough power for most modern spaces, and it also has a stylish diminutive look. To get even more of the cleanest bass, you can easily connect two Atmos subs with a single cable. And go where few have dared before.

It will leave the rational part of your brain fighting for its life.

The Sunfire Atmos Subwoofer is designed to give you the best possible low frequency sound quality for your home theater experience. It packs a tremendously powerful 1400-watt amplifier and a pair of drivers to produce tight, floor-rattling, chugging bass that you can feel and hear.

The Atmos subwoofer has an automatic equalization system that will adapt the subwoofer output to compensate for the effects of any room. Great bass performance through thick and thin. The role of any surround sound is to keep the woofer straight and narrow as it moves back and forth. The straighter the woofer is, the better the fidelity. To better accommodate the longer 'throw' of the Atmos woofer, Sunfire engineers designed a unique asymmetrical Cardiod Surround. The ACS got its name because of the varying thickness of the shell wall from one side to the other. So what does all this mean to you? It means that the ACS allows for up to 1.8" inches of 'throw' with tight, well-defined bass that combines extreme output with very low distortion and sound quality that is unique to Atmos.



  • Woofer: 6.5"
  • Configuration: Dual-Active
  • Custom Speaker, High Excursion Woofer
  • High back-emf design


  • Output power: 1,400W
  • Tracking downcoverter power supply
  • Soft trimming circuit


  • Automatic ignition
  • Auto Room EQ
  • Microphone
  • Level control
  • Crossover adjustment: 30-100Hz lower var.
  • Crossover Bypass
  • Phase adjustment: 0-180 degrees lower. var.


  • Gold plated connections
  • RCA inputs/outputs: 2/2
  • Speaker level inputs
  • Detachable power cord
  • International Voltage Selection
  • Removable IEC cable


  • Finish: Black Gloss
  • Surround Name: Asymmetrical Cardiod Surround (ACS)
  • adjustment ring
  • Grille: Black Fabric
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