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ZONE4R Apart Wall Control Panel - Commercial Audio Promotion

ZONE4R Apart Wall Control Panel - Commercial Audio Promotion

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ZONE4R is a remote control panel for ZONE4, Apart's multifunctional 4-zone preamplifier. The control panel offers music level control, source selection and microphone mix level control. A clear digital display makes it easy to monitor the unit's operation.

The remote panels are easy to install and are connected to the ZONE4 using standard CAT-5 (or higher) cable. T-568A and T-568B cable terminations can be used. The maximum approved length of CAT5 cable is 100 m per zone, depending on the circumstances. Mounting screws are included. A built-in box (BBi1) and a surface-mounted back box (BB1) are available.

The maximum ZONE4R control panels connected to a single ZONE 4 preamplifier are 8 pieces in any configuration (e.g. 2 panels x 4 zones or 8 panels x 1 zone or any other combination with a total of 8 panels). You can connect multiple ZONE4R units to the main ZONE4 unit using the RJ45 split hub.


monitor 2 digit LED screen backlight No
supported main unit ZONE4 programmable functions No
addressing Software connector type 4-pole euro-block
max. wire 2.5mm² max. cable length 100m
power type Ghost tickets No
trimmed dimensions 70x55mm width 114mm
height 80mm depth 40mm
Product net weight 0.14kg


Each controller has its unique network address. Please note that the ZONE4R panels are exclusive to the Apart ZONE4 four-zone preamplifier and cannot be used to control another preamplifier. ZONE4R cannot be linked to a PC and does not support the network!

Pressing the control to a zone is very easy: by pressing the music volume and microphone volume buttons for 5 seconds, a zone indication will appear on the screen. Use the source selection buttons to assign the remote control to the zone you want. After 5 seconds, the remote control can be operated.

Sophisticated but affordable: This remote control has all the basic controls, is easy to install and use. Pairing with the ZONE4 preamplifier gives you the competitive advantage to take on even the most daunting challenges!

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